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TimeBank Hurunui


TimeBank Hurunui invites your involvement in our exciting new spring 2020 event.

CREATIVE REPURPOSING FORUM & EXPO, Amberley pavilion, 26 September

Showcasing ingenious ways, old and new, to give fresh life to objects and materials that would otherwise be discarded.

There will be displays and demonstrations, mini workshops, and plenty of opportunity to share ideas and skills. 

Display categories will include:

  • textiles/clothing,
  • tools and machinery,
  • furniture, appliances,
  • garden items,
  • plastics, artwork,
  • miscellaneous items.
  • We'd also like to offer a Schools' Section, and make it possible to Display Photos or Videos of items and processes that can't be physically brought along. If there are enough volunteers, we'd also like to set up a Repair Corner, for people to bring items to be fixed or mended. And of course we'll set up a Chill-out Corner for people to sit and socialise over a cuppa.

Our first Creative Repurposing Expo will be at the Amberley pavilion, Saturday 26 September.

We would love to hear from you about suggestions or skills you'd like to offer, or contacts with 'repurpose' champions you know whom we could approach. Our intention is for this to be a co-created collaboration with our  time-bank members, and with the wider community.

Let's get it happening:) Please send your ideas and/or offers to help to or call Belinda on 03 314 3406 or Ange on 0275 247 332