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TimeBank Hurunui

TimeBank Hurunui Learning Exchange

TimeBank Hurunui Learning Exchange


supported by the Rata Foundation








Would you like to participate in this inspiring programme in 2016? The TimeBank Hurunui Learning Exchange is a series of workshops, short courses, field trips, seminars and fun events for TimeBank Hurunui members who would like to share their knowledge with the wider community.

TimeBank Hurunui's database is a fascinating inventory of the many diverse skills and talents that you are happy to offer each other. Just check out  the website's Directory listings and Offers and Requests posts, to see what a resourceful, experienced and skilled bunch of people we truly are!

In order to tap into this willingness to share and deepen our resources within our community, we plan the Learning Exchange to encourage life-long learning, raise awareness of time banking and attract new members.

How does the Learning Exchange Work?

Depending on what members offer, we will design a learning event to suit each proposal. These could be:

One-off workshops (typically a day or half-day, or an evening)

Examples:     Crafting greeting cards      First aid basics    Bike repairs & maintenance

Seminars/forums (an ideas-sharing and discussion forum may be a few hours to a full day. Some seminars may inspire a follow-up, to translate the vision into action. This is how our time bank got started!)

Examples:       Community-building visions   Starting up social enterprises    Hurunui's historical heritage                                

Short courses (typically an hour or two once a week, over a few weeks. Sometimes people who attend a course can form a social group to maintain their new skills and connections together. Eg., a monthly vegetarian potluck)

Examples:       Vegetarian cooking          Photography        Carpentry basics

Field trips (day or half-day visits to a farm, nature reserve or other outdoor venues)

 Examples:      Permaculture gardening         Cultivating native plants          Kayaking                       

School holiday events for sharing activities across the generations (workshop or short course format, some leading to a community event)

Examples:       “Tech Labs”, teaching IT skills          Story-telling arts     Converting trash into art     “Tool time” - using tools around the house and yard                      

Collective Learning Projects

Examples:       Interviewing and recording skills for a local oral-history project        Painting a mural         Kite-making workshop, culminating in a Kite Festival!

The above are just some examples. Please share your ideas and make suggestions!


We hold events in Amberley and in other towns, hiring local halls and public venues, and also approaching schools and libraries. Some events may be held in private homes and workshops, if the hosts are willing.

What is the Deal?

TBH members are credited in time-bank hours for tutoring. That is, you claim the hours you spend preparing for and delivering your course or event. If you have expenses such as travel, materials, photocopying, etc., the time bank will reimburse you.

Members attending courses will pay in time-bank hours. Non-members will be charged a small fee, to go towards fund-raising for the time bank.

If you have reservations about tutoring, the time bank committee and other members can guide you. It can be fun and rewarding to share skills. You may be surprised that people are hungry for the know-how you take for granted. You don't have to be a professional expert in your subject – being a keen and committed hobbyist should be fine. You may also choose to co-facilitate an event with someone else.

The TBH committee and coordinator will oversee the promotion and organising of the events. By the way, if you would like to help us run the Learning Exchange, we would welcome this!


What skills/knowledge would you like to share?

What would you like to learn?

Want more information?

Please contact Belinda Meares via or call 314 3406.

HERE is the current Learning Exchange Programme. Start signing up for whatever you fancy!