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TimeBank Hurunui

Learning Exchange Programme



TERM 3 2017


Also do tell us if you'd like us to run any event at an alternative time/location


Colourful Candles to Light up Winter! Lynnette Creagh

Time: 10am - 12, Fri 30 June. Venue: Leithfield. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $10 suggested fee, & $5 materials cost.

Have a social, creative time making funky candles using the easy candle-dipping method.


Clay Modelling for Kids: Kerry Henderson

Time: 1 - 3pm, Mon 10 July. Venue: Leithfield. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $7 suggested fee, plus materials cost $15

This tactile, fun experience will introduce hand-modelling clay. Potter Kerry Henderson will teach children about preparing the clay, then how to make coils for shaping. They'll create bowls or cups, and have a go at modelling figures. The aim is to craft two objects each, and paint them ready for firing. If there's interest Kerry will run a follow-up glazing workshop.


Cartooning for Kids: Nev Sinclair

Time: 10.30am - 12, Friday 14 July. Venue: Greta Valley school. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or $5 suggested fee. Bring pencils, paper and eraser.

Nev is an artist and cartoonist, whose cartoons are published in the NZ Shearing magazine. Kids love cartoons. They are quick to pick up the basics and learn the language and conventions of cartooning. Nev's approach is relaxed and fun, and he loves teaching kids. 

Soap-making: Jesus Latorre

Time: 2 - 4 pm, Saturday 15 July. Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12, suggested fee plus small materials cost tbc.

Jesus makes artisan soap in the Spanish tradition, by reusing olive oil left over from cooking. You can use other oils. In this fun class, he'll demonstrate the process and discuss recipe variations, and we'll all have soap to take home for use in the bathroom or laundry.  


Edible Wild Greens: Melany Wright

Time: 11am - 1 pm, Sunday 16 July. Location: Amberley  Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee.

Local forager Melany Wright is passionate about feeding herself and her family from sustainably harvested food. As well as foraging for fruit, nuts and fungi, Melanie likes lots of edible "weeds" that most people ignore, such as miners' lettuce, sorrel, and wild parsley. Join her to discover and sample tasty wild greens, and expand your appreciation of nature's bounty!


Tech Lab - Get Appy! Hurunui Youth Council tutors

Time: 6.30 - 8pm, Tues 18 July. Venue: Amberley library, and Tues 25 July, 4.30 - 6pm, Cheviot library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated. (BYO device if poss).

Learn more about apps for your computer or smartphone, how to download them, and how to find ones that work best for you. What are some precautions around installing apps, especially free ones? Find out about the library's free app for accessing e-books and e-audios.

Paper-crafting:  Gail Morgan 

Time: 10.30 - 12.30pm, Thurs 20 July. Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $10 plus materials cost, tbc. (Suitable for ages 10 years and over).

Craft artist Gail will guide us in making gorgeous and funky flowers and wreaths using coloured paper, including some recycled paper. The art of creating paper objects is an old tradition, and Gail loves giving it a contemporary flair. She is committed to "repurposing" and "upcycling" all kinds of things, including furniture.

"Plein Air" Art Excursion: Amberley Art Association

Time: 9.30 am - 3pm, Friday 28 July. Location: Motunau. Contribution: Time-bank credits or donation appreciated. (Postponement date , Friday 4 August). BYO lunch

Join members of the Amberley Art Association on a winter sketching excursion to Greta Valley and Motunau, starting with a fortifying cuppa at the local cafe! Locations include Motunau Beach and river mouth, and there are also stunning vistas on the road to the beach.


Let's Play Ukelele! Join Wim Bevers and friends for a joyful musical afternoon

Time: 2 - 3.30pm, Saturday 29 July. Venue: Balcairn Hall. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee. BYO ukelele if you can. A few ukes may be available to borrow.

For beginners or if you want a refresher, Wim will teach simple chords to accompany songs. He'll help you get a feel for the instrument and can advise where to get a good local deal if you want to buy your own uke. Wim is a singer and plays uke for the Balcairn Pops band.


Kea Conservation Trust talk: Tamsin Orr-Walker and Andrea Goodwin (guest presenters)

Time: 2 - 3.30pm, Sunday 30 July. Venue: Hanmer Springs. Donation appreciated for the KCT.

There've been sightings of kea in Hanmer Springs. Our beloved South Island native parrot is endangered so what are its long-term chances? What can the power of community do to reverse its decline? The speakers will talk about inspiring initiatives, and invite input from locals with historical knowledge, and our ideas about how to protect kea in the Hurunui.


Tech Labs - Web Browsers and Search Engines: Hurunui Youth Council tutors

Times: 6.30- 8pm, Tues 1 August, Amberley library, or 4.30 -6pm, Tues 15 August, Cheviot library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated. (BYO device if poss). Know the difference between browsers and search engines, and what's available. How can you switch browsers, and customise them? What about browser security/privacy settings and what are browser extensions (plug-ins)? We'll look at Google's search features and filters and at alternative search engines, and learn how to do searches smarter.


Supporting Communities with Social Enterprise: Julie Lee

Time: 7.30 - 9pm, Thurs 3 August. Venue: Amberley library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.  

How can social enterprises benefit our communities and local economies? Christchurch-based Ohu Development Ltd is matching expert resources and investors with projects that are community led, owned and managed. Ohu believes that people with a common purpose can collectively create and own assets that generate both a social and economic value. Julie is "Community Weaver" for a major Ohu project in Lyttelton, and is also a key player in NZ's time-banking movement. She'll talk about social enterprise and explain the Ohu approach.


 Fun Improvisation Drama for Teens: Belinda Meares

Time: 3.30 - 5.30pm, Mon 7 August, Venue: Culverden. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or donation appreciated. (HYP members can use time credits)

Play with movement, voice and cool group games to stimulate your imagination and boost confidence. Make up stuff or tell your own stories, and create surprising and funny scenes together. Belinda teaches an improv form called InterPlay, which is easy, affirming and fun.


Polish your Job Prospects: Scott Rose

Time: 7.30 - 9pm, Thurs 10 August. Venue: Amberley library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

Present yourself to advantage when applying for employment, whether you're new to the job market or wanting to return after a break. Scott Rose has experience in recruitment and will offer guidance on writing a CV and cover letter, navigating online applications, preparing for interviews, and how to pro-actively approach potential employers, ("cold-calling").


Crochet is Trending (2): Sue Atkinsion

Time: 1.30 - 3.30pm, Sunday 20 August Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee, plus materials cost if required. BYO work if you have something on the go. 

Sue is a multi-talented crafter, who makes all kinds of crochet, including garments, toys, and filet (lace) crochet. This class will go beyond the basics to cover more stitch types, perfecting corners and curves, and shaping and how to read patterns, graphs and charts.


Fit & Fabulous at Fifty Plus: Sarah Sidey

Time: Tues 22 August, 7.30 - 8.30pm. Venue: Amberley library. Contribution: 1 time-bank credit or donation appreciated.

Sarah is a physiotherapist and mother who is passionate about encouraging people to be as healthy as they can be, particularly as they age. Her talk will cover the basics of good nutrition, including research into the effects of nutrients on brain function. Sarah will also discuss practical, enjoyable ways to get fit and stay positive.


Photography- Beyond "Point and Shoot": Helen Barbour

Time: Sunday August 27, 1.30 - 3.30pm. Venue: Amberley. Cost: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee. BYO camera.

Helen has studied film and photography. She'll help you have more fun with your camera, and get better results. She'll discuss the art of good composition, lighting, and subject presentation, and we'll explore the use of technical settings such as exposure, shutter speed, using zoom or macro, etc. Even if you've just a smartphone camera, you'll learn lots of handy tips.


Getting Sleep Sorted: Ross Buckley

Time: 7 - 8.30pm, Thursday 31 August. Venue: Amberley library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

Learn more about the reasons for and effects of sleep disruption and disorders, and wise up about healthy sleep habits, or "sleep hygiene". Following a long career in air-traffic control, Ross is now studying for his PhD in medicine. His current research is on sleep apnoea and its potential impact on cognition.


Fermenting Good Food: Brona Youngman

Time: 2 - 4pm, Sat. 2 September Venue: Culverden. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee, plus ingredients cost tbc.

Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and coconut yoghurt are staples for Brona, who hails from the Czech Republic where fermenting foods is a tradition. She'd love to show you how easy it is to make these delicious, health-giving foods for you and your family, and also sourdough bread.


Eco Building - Strawbale House & Rock Garden: Andrew Boyd & Jude Hamer

Time: 1.30 - 3pm, Sunday 3 September. Venue: Balcairn. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee.

Andrew and Jude live on their lifestyle property in a large house built using the post-and-beam strawbale method. It functions eco-efficiently and is easy to maintain. Andrew will explain about strawbale construction, and why it is a popular alternative building method. We'll also look at the extensive rock garden h's created as an attractive feature to cover the open swales and drainage system around the house.

Te Reo/Tikanga "Taster Workshop": Te Wānanga o Aoteroa (TWoA) TBC

Contact the Learning Exchange if you're interested in TWoA learning opportunities in Hurunui.


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