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TimeBank Hurunui

Learning Exchange Programme




Events are continually being added, so check back regularly to stay up to date.

 ENROL EARLY TO ENSURE YOUR PLACE. ENROLMENTS ARE REQUIRED. (Also do tell us if you'd like us to run any event at an alternative time/location)

To enrol, email or call 03 314 3406


Bee-keeping and Bee Health: Lindsay Moir 


New Zealand’s apiculture industry is of growing importance to our rural-based economies. Lindsay is a longtime beekeeper who runs courses on bee diseases and is also North Canterbury’s Beehive Inspector, working with various agencies. He will share practical tips about bee-keeping and maintaining healthy hives, and lead a discussion about the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. This talk is for hobbyist and commercial bee-keepers, and anyone interested in bees.


Time: 7.30 - 9pm, Tuesday 12 February, Cheviot. Suggested contribution: 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $12


Punishing Crime in NZ: Jeremy Finn

A government review of New Zealand’s criminal justice system is underway, with reforms to follow. Retired law professor and legal historian Jeremy Finn will give a background of our sentencing and parole laws and practices, and discuss the political, economic and social impacts that the review is addressing. Jeremy’s talk will add to our understanding of this complex issue, and stimulate debate.


Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Thurs. 14 February, Amberley library. Suggested contribution, 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or donation appreciated.


Learning Together with Dogs: Judith Moore

For everyone with a dog in your life! Judith is an animal lover whose knack for training animals began as a girl, first with horses then with dogs. Proper training is essential for a happy and safe relationship with your dog, Judith will share tips on making this process enjoyable and rewarding. She will touch on her own experiences of the Good Canine Citizen programme, explain some fundamentals of the RallyO obedience training, and demonstrate with her own dogs.

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Thursday 21st Feb, Amberley Library. Suggested Contribution: 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or donation appreciated.


Sushi-making: Yoshimi Donnelly


Sushi is a tasty finger food for lunches or entertaining. It is also a popular gluten-free option. Though simple to make, like everything Japanese there’s an art to doing it well. Former owner of Amberley’s Sushi Maru, Yoshimi will show us how to cook sushi rice, prepare and match ingredients, and assemble, roll and present four kinds of sushi.


Time: 12.30 – 2.30pm, Wednesday 27 Feb., Amberley. Suggested contribution: 2 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $15, plus $10 ingredients cost


Making Sense of Today's School Maths: Sue Graham

This practical workshop will explain the teaching of modern maths in schools, so that you can help your children enjoy mathematics and build their confidence. Sue is a former principal and is a specialist maths teacher and advisor to schools. She aims to help parents understand how they can assist their children in developing a positive mindset toward mathematics and the application of maths understandings in every day life.

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Waikari School, 21 March. Suggested contribution:  1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.


July to December 2018


Herbal Oils, Creams and Salves: Melany Wright.

Make your own nurturing herbal oils, salves and creams, with plants you can forage or find in your garden. These may include lavender, calendula, comfrey, lemon balm, yarrow, and more. Melany will show us how to prepare herbal oil infusions and how to use them as a base for creams and salves. She’ll explain the beneficial properties of the herbal oils and what products derived from them can be used for, and there’ll be samples to take home.

Melany is a very knowledgeable local forager and chef who often cooks with wild-harvest foods. She loves sharing her talents and knowledge, to help people be more aware of nature’s freely accessible bounty all around.

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Mon 23 July. Venue: Amberley tbc on registration, and what to bring. Suggested fee: 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $12,

plus small ingredients cost tbc.



Kete Weaving: Kate McMillan

Weave a flax kete basket with handles that you can use as carry bag or large handbag, with the option of adapting it into a small backpack.

Kate is a skilled crafter who loves working with flax, (harakeke). Over the two classes, she will demonstrate and give one-to-one instruction,

with the aim that every-one makes a finished basket to take home. We’ll enjoy a sociable time together weaving chat as well as kete, and

connecting to a wonderful Maori handicraft tradition.


When you register, you’ll receive more information about harvesting and preparing your flax, and what else to bring.

Time: 7 – 9.30 pm, Wed. 25 July, and Wed. 1 August.Venue: Waikari Hall. Suggested fee: 5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $40. 



Planning An Edible Garden: Sigrid McTurk

Gardening to grow your own food has its joys - and challenges. What should you plant, when and where, so that your garden produces bountiful and varied crops throughout the year? Sigrid is an experienced gardener who follows natural methods. She’ll show you around her garden and discuss designing a plan that includes feeding and preparing the soil, optimal planting times and crop rotations, seed-saving and propagating. You’re welcome to bring seeds or plants for swapping too. Bring pen paper, some sketches/ plans for your own garden, and of course your questions or ideas to share!

Time: 2 – 3.30pm, Sat. 4 August. Location: Sefton. Suggested Fee: 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $15, (children free).


Are You Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?: John Grater

Join John and the Food For Thought sustainability collective for a lively discussion about the 4th Industrial Revolution. John will look at the possible trends and implications of the disruptive technologies emerging now. These include AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, nano technology, the "Internet of Things", and in general the increased interconnectivity and interdependence that is happening around the world. Are we ready for the speed of change that is happening? What are the challenges and what might be the opportunities of these rapidly evolving technological platforms?

Venue: Amberley library, Mon. 6 August

Food For Thought forums are open to all. A gold coin donation is appreciated, and you're welcome to stay for supper afterwards. For more information. call John on 0272 149 144, email 


DIY Beeswax Wraps

Instead of plastic cling film, try a natural, healthy substitute that you can make yourself! Reusable wraps of beeswax-soaked fabric are easy and fun to make. Serina Linton is a ‘rethink waste’ educator who teaches children and families practical ways to care for the environment with reuse and recycling. She’ll share all sorts of handy tips, and we’ll make our own colourful wraps to take home.

Time: 10 - 11.30am, Monday 17 September.  Venue: Scargill Domain pavilion. Directions and what-to-bring information provided on registration.


The Living Art of Bonsai

Learn the basics of bonsai, a way of cultivating miniature trees in forms that reflect the shape and scale of full-size trees.

Linda Tayles is a bonsai artist who will show you how to train and pot your own tree, and how to look after it. She’ll discuss different techniques and styles, and which plants are most suited to bonsai, especially for beginners. Get creative with this exquisite Japanese art form! BYO tree and pot, or purchase a hand-made pot on the day. Also BYO lunch. (You’ll receive more info on registration).

Time: 10 – 2.30pm, Leithfield. Cost: 4 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $20, plus materials charge tbc.


Kete-weaving Beyond the Basics


Weave a large kete with handles under the skilled instruction of Kate McMillan. Kate loves working with flax, (harakeke). Over this day-long class,  her aim is that everyone finishes a basket to take home. This workshop is for people who have some knowledge of flax-weaving. You’ll need to bring up to 120 strips of flax with the fibres (muka) prepared. Friday 28 Sept., Cheviot, 9.30am – 5 pm. Cost: 6 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $50.


The Art of Soap-making

Make fabulous soaps from easily sourced ingredients including natural scents and colours.  At this workshop with Chloë Dear, you will make your own soap and learn about recipes. Chloë is an advocate of greater home self-sufficiency who loves sharing her fascination with the creative process of soap-making. Sefton, Sunday 30 Sept., 9.30am – 12. Cost: 2.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $17, plus $20 ingredients cost.


QEII Covenants

Learn about how to protect local biodiversity by placing land into covenant through the QE11 National Trust. 

Almost 70% of land in New Zealand is in private hands, which is why farmers and other property owners can play a vital role in conserving the unique ecological values and heritage of our district.  Miles Giller, the trust's North Canterbury representative, will explain the processes of setting up a covenant, and what assistance is available. He'll talk about some of the successful and fascinating QE11 covenants that have been established in North Canterbury since the trust started in 1977. The more areas of protected biodiversity are established, the better the prospects will be for regenerative recovery throughout our local landscapes.

This is a Food For Thought event. Gold coin donation appreciated, and warm welcome to stay for supper. For info, contact Sue 03 314 3734 oe email


Motunau Beach eco talk and clean-up.

Join Melanie White from DOC and local residents to “beach comb” for rubbish, learn about the geology and biodiversity of this unique site, and share a cuppa and kai! Our vision is to inspire everyone who loves our beautiful Hurunui beaches to continue looking after them, to keep them tidy and help local marine life. Time: 11am – 2pm. Wednesday 10 October, or rain day Friday 12 (at a later time). Register to attend and receive updates, with TimeBank Hurunui: 03 314 3406 or



Writing Life Stories

Have you considered writing about your own life, for your family or for publication? Or recording the lives of your nearest and dearest elders? Do you or they have a story which might inspire or entertain others? Jo Bailey is a Christchurch author who believes that everyone has interesting stories to tell. In this interactive class, she will discuss: the purpose, angle and stylistic approach to writing life stories; research, interviewing and recording methods, and the craft of writing and editing.

Time: 7- 9 pm, Tuesday 16 October. Venue: Amberley Library. Contribution: 2 TimeBank Hurunui credits or donation appreciated.


What Happens to Our Waste? Kate Valley Landfill Tour

Concerned or curious about waste reduction and disposal? Then join our guided bus tour of Hurunui’s Kate Valley Landfill. This leading-edge facility manages huge volumes of solid waste produced by 450,000 Canterbury people. It is owned by Transwaste Canterbury Ltd., a joint venture with five Canterbury local councils. Transwaste works alongside the councils promoting long-term waste minimisation.

As well as seeing how waste is transported, compacted and buried, you’ll also learn about safety and conservation measures to minimise environmental impacts, including what happens to leachate and gas, and how water is managed.

The site is 1,000 hectares, of which 37 hectares will be used in landfilling. A further 410 hectares, Tirimoana Bush, is under a conservation covenant and is open to the public.

Registrations close 8 October. If not coming via Amberley, it will be possible to join the tour at Waipara. The tour lasts about 90 mins. Contribution: 2 TimeBank Hurunui credits or donation appreciated, plus pp bus fare (tbc).


Reducing Our Rubbish - The Zero Waste Approach

Hear about practical ways to reduce your rubbish footprint to zero. Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince, the "No-Waste Nomads", have been touring NZ by bike to share their experiences and knowledge with communities, including demonstrating ways they've achieved living a zero-waste lifestyle. This free event, including zero-waste nibbles, is supported by TimeBank Hurunui's Learning Exchange. 7 - 9pm, Tues Oct, 23rd, Amberley Library. To register, email or call 03 314 3406

Topics covered include:
- What is the zero waste movement? Why is waste reduction important?
- How zero waste principles can revolutionise your perspectives on living and lifestyle, beyond your rubbish bin.
- Innovative examples of waste minimisation policy, practice and thinking from around the globe, and how these might inform community-level waste reduction.
- Tips for how you can reduce the rubbish in your life (including fun DIY household products, cosmetics, and other life hacks).

This talk is part of The Rubbish Trip's travelling project, taking the zero waste message around Aotearoa New Zealand. Follow them on Facebook for updates and upcoming events around the country!


WWI: The Armistice & After

James Drewery, wartime history researcher, will share his insights about what happened during the last year of the Great War, and its subsequent aftermath. His talk will include the signing of the Armistice, the Allied Powers’ terms imposed on Germany, issues around repatriation of troops, the deadly Spanish flu outbreak, and the repercussions of these global upheavals for New Zealand’s returning soldiers and post-war society.

James is president of the Amberley Lions Club, and is helping organise a Citizens of Amberley Armistice Day event on Sunday 11th November.

Amberley Library, 7 – 8.30pm. Cost: 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or donation appreciated. To register: contact: 03 314 3406 or tbhlearning


Make a Go-kart

The best fun a kid can have on four wheels! Builder Dave Blackler will offer his skills and workshop facilities to help parents and kids make their own non-motorised go-kart. Dave will suggest a basic design or you can come along with your own. If you have materials for a go-kart seat, frame, axles and wheels check in with him before if your design and materials are suitable. If you don’t have materials, Dave can advise about what you’ll need, and where to buy/find them. He’ll also have some materials available.

This workshop has limited numbers, so book early. BYO lunch. Scargill, Sunday 11th November, 10 am – 3pm. Cost: 5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $25 Register: 03 314 3406 or


 Going Solar? Trends, Tips and Alternatives: with guest presenter Roger McKenzie

Roger is a power-electronics engineer and product designer who’ll discuss developments in electricity technology. He’ll share his experiences designing and installing off-grid systems in remote areas, including the Falkland Islands, and for the PurePod glass eco cabins around Canterbury. He’ll also give practical suggestions about battery management and how to assess the best set-up for your circumstances, eg, off-grid or grid-connected solar, or other renewable options. Come with questions, experiences and ideas to share!

Monday 12 November, 7 – 8.30 pm, Amberley Library Cost: 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or donation appreciated.

Register: 03 314 3406 or


Summer Flower Arranging: with Margaret Horrell

Discover the delights of creative flower arranging, in time for summer and the Christmas season!

Margaret tutors at the Cheviot Floral group and loves showing people what they can do with flowers and foliage from their own gardens. She’ll explain which flowers and foliage work well in floral designs, and demonstrate posies and bouquets for gifts, and arrangements in a vase or bowl to grace a festive table. We’ll then make our own creations, with Margaret’s guidance and inspiration from each other.

Time: Tuesday 20 November, 7 - 9pm, Waipara Pavilion, Glenmark. Cost: 2 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $15, plus materials charge $5. Supper provided. BYO flowers/foliage and vase or bowl   Register: 03 314 3406 or

What Happens to our Waste? Kate Valley Landfill Tour 

We've had requests to put on a second visit to Hurunui’s Kate Valley Landfill, as our October one filled up fast! The next tour is from 9am - 11.45am, Thurs. 22 November.

As well as seeing how this leading-edge facility manages waste, you’ll also learn about safety and conservation measures to minimise environmental impacts, including what happens to leachate and gas, and how water is managed. The site is 1,000 hectares, of which 37 hectares will be used in landfilling. A further 410 hectares, Tirimoana Bush, is under a conservation covenant and is open to the public. Be in quickly to register!

Contact: or 03 314 3406. If not coming via Amberley, it will be possible to join the bus at Waipara. The tour lasts about 90 mins. Contribution: 2 TimeBank Hurunui credits or $10 donation appreciated, plus pp bus fare $5


 3 Steps for Life

Performing CPR and using an AED (automated external defibrillator) is easy. Learning how could mean you save a life. Charlotte Broms is a paramedic with St John. She will take us through the St John's 3 Steps for Life training, designed to give all New Zealanders the confidence and awareness to take action when somebody suffers a cardiac arrest. She will outline the different pathways to becoming a first-aid responder: e.g., enrolling for a first-aid course; training as a St Johns volunteer, or studying to be a professional paramedic. She’ll also explain how St John and other front-line agencies work together in our communities, to save lives and to educate people. Whether at home or work, on the playing field or at the seaside, be better prepared for emergencies this summer!

Time: 7 – 9pm, Monday 26 November. Venue: Amberley Library. Cost: 2 TimeBank Hurunui credits or donation appreciated. Register: 03 314 3406 or


Kaiapoi Food Forest Tour

This community venture has transformed 1.5 acres of red-zone land into a thriving public space and source of local “kai”. Thanks to donations and thousands of volunteer hours, in its first year the Kaiapoi Food Forest has over 800 trees and plants, and is looking forward to bumper crops this summer of fruit, vegies and herbs.

Inspired by locals Brent and Shirley Cairns, the food forest is an open public space. As well as providing free food, it features creative landscaping and picnic spaces, and offers educational programmes and events. It is becoming a tourist destination, bringing visitors to Kaiapoi.

Our TBH Learning Exchange is organising a tour with Brent to see first-hand what is achievable with community vision and commitment. Afterwards, we can enjoy a shared picnic or lunch at a local cafe.

Register please by 26 November, so we can arrange car-pooling. Call 03 314 3406 or email

Cost: 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or donation appreciated



More classes in the pipeline - updating soon!



Term 2 2018

Geocaching, What Is It? Let’s Do It! Nigel Marx

Time: 1.154.15pm, Sat. 21 April. Location: Amberley. Contribution: 3 time-bank credits or $15 suggested fee, ($5 per child).

Geocaching is a global navigation game. All you need is a smartphone with GPS, and you’re equipped to locate caches that other players have hidden in interesting places. Geocaching  teaches observation and awareness of your environment and is a great activity for all ages.  Join Nigel Marx to learn the basics, and go on a fun search for 20 caches around Amberley.


Tech Labs for Apple Mac and IPAD: Evan Parry

Time: 1.30 – 3pm, Sats 5 & 12 May. Location: Amberley library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated. Registrations essential. BYO Apple device if you have one. Are you a Mac user, surrounded by users of Windows? Do you have problems with Windows files? Would you like to know more about Mac computing if you are a Windows user? Do you want advice about your iPAD? Share your experiences and learn new information and skills such as user-friendly software, upgrading the Operating System, computer security, etc.


Propagating Plants for the Garden: Sigrid McTurk

Time: 1.30 – 3.30pm, Sunday 13 May. Location: Sefton. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $15 suggested fee. BYO sharp knife, secateurs and pots Propagating is economic and a great way to conserve plants with personal and heritage value. Nurturing and seeing them grow is so satisfying. Sigrid will teach methods including taking cuttings and transplanting bulbs, and discuss what grows well locally. She is trained in biodynamic cultivation and will also talk about seasons, micro climates, watering, etc. 


Fabric Weaving: Annabel Harris

Time: 10 am - 12pm, Sunday 27 May. Location: Culverden. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $17 suggested fee. Learn about the craft of hand weaving, and how to start creating your own beautiful and functional fabrics. Annabel is a skilled weaver who uses natural yarns such as cotton, wool, hemp and possum to make scarves, stoles, throws, baby slings and more. She’ll show you samples of her work, and demonstrate on a table loom. We’ll learn the basics of setting up a loom and calculating yarn quantities, and you’ll also get to try your hand on a loom.


Te Reo & Tikanga Maori: Nukuroa Tirikatene-Nash

Time: 7 – 9pm, Tues. 29 May. Venue: Amberley Bowling Club. . Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or donation appreciated. (Supper included). Maori language and culture are integral to our kiwi identity, and we are all enriched by this. At this “taster” evening, we’ll familiarise ourselves with some key Maori words and expressions, polish our pronunciation, and enjoy a waiata (song). Nukuroa speaks te reo and has a deep connection with Maori customs and values (tikanga). A Gore Bay local, he loves teaching surfing and enjoys waka ama (outrigger canoeing). He is a keen environmentalist, and a fisheries guardian for Ngai Tahu.


Beeswax Wraps: Serina Linton

Time: 1.15 – 2.45pm, Thursday 7 June. Location: Leithfield. (Donation appreciated to cover workshop organisation cost).

Instead of plastic cling film, try a natural, healthy substitute that you can make yourself! Reusable wraps of beeswax-soaked fabric are easy and fun to make. Serina is a ‘rethink waste’ educator who teaches children and families practical ways to care for the environment with reuse and recycling. She’ll share all sorts of handy tips, and we’ll make our own colourful wraps to take home. (This class will be repeated on July 10, at Broomfield)



Flax-basket Weaving: Kate McMillan

Time: 1.30 – 4.30pm, Sunday 10 June. Location: Waikari. Contribution: 3 time-bank credits or $20 suggested fee. BYO flax leaves. Weave a handy flax basket suitable for stowing toys or other belongings, which will also grace your living space! Kate teaches an easy method using 20 large flax (harakeke) leaves. This doesn’t require preparing the leaves in advance. We’ll enjoy a sociable time together weaving chat as well as baskets, and connecting to a wonderful hand-craft tradition.


Essential Oils: Kirsten Wyllie 

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Thursday 14 June. Location: Amberley. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee, plus $3 for materials. (Supper included). Discover the magical world of plant-based essential oils. Kirsten will talk about 10 different kinds and their many nourishing and protective benefits for all the family. Uses include diffusing, or massaging with a diluted blend to relieve stress, and you can also use oils in your own cleaning and beauty products that are simple to make and smell heavenly.


Getting Your Will Right: Susan Lewis

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Tuesday 19 June. Location: Amberley. Clear advice from an experienced family lawyer, and questions answered.Whether you're making your first will or updating one, be sure you've covered what's important and left clear directions. Wills can be simple and not expensive to prepare. Susan is an experienced family lawyer. As well as wills, she'll talk about powers of attorney and probate and also explain living wills and digital wills. Susan believes in empowering people to make sound legal decisions and get their affairs 'sorted'.

Cost: 1.5 TimeBank Hurunui credits or donation appreciated




TERM 1, 2018



Healthy School Lunches: Nicky Brooker

Time: 10am – 1pm, Wed. 24 January. Location: Hawarden. Contribution: 3 time-bank credits or $17 suggested fee, plus ingredients costs tbc (no more than $10)

Get ideas for tasty, healthy and easy-to-make lunches and snacks. Nicky will bring inspiration and information, and we’ll prepare an appetising, nutritionally-balanced lunch, then sample! Nicky is a Mum and great cook who loves to share her knowledge of food and how to make it appealing to youngsters, and motivate them to make their own school lunches! HYP members can use HYP’s TimeBank Hurunui credits to cover your fee (though not ingredients cost).


Aerial Silks for Kids: Deschia Sutherland

Times: 9.30am (group 1), 10.30am (group 2). Friday 26 Jan. Venue: Scargill. Contribution: 1 time-bank credit or $5 suggested fee. Clothing without zips and buttons, etc (these can tear the silks).

Kids love to swing and go upside down; they are naturally strong. Combine these things at a fun morning getting to try out aerial silks. Kick start that love of Circo arts! Deschia is a talented aerialist and is teaching her two small children, who are developing grace, strength and skill.


Sauerkraut and Fermented Foods: Brona Youngman

Time: 11am – 12.30pm, Sunday 28 January. Location: Culverden Market, (open 10am – 2pm).

Join Brona at the new Culverden community market to see her demonstrate making sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and hear about the health benefits of fermented foods. Explore and enjoy the market and its local food and craft/art stalls, and entertainment.

TIMEBANK HURUNUI will also be at this event. Find out about our inspiring local skills and service exchange network, which is free to join and heaps of fun to be part of!


Wine Appreciation: Jean-Yves Domont and Sophie Valancant

Time: 7 – 9.30pm, Friday 9 February. Location: Waipara. Contribution: 2.5 time-bank credits or $20, plus $25 - $30 (tbc) pp to cover cost of wine. Places limited, book early!

Discover distinctive, additive-free wines from NZ, Australia and Europe. Jean-Yves and Sophie are Waipara wine makers passionate about wine that is as close to ‘natural’ as possible, from the vine to the bottle. Experienced in France’s traditional, additive-free wine-making methods, they’ll talk about the finesse required to make great wine this way. They’ll introduce us to a range of wines to sample. BYO finger food to share, to make this a truly convivial soiree!


Make Your Own Mega Bubble Wands: Belinda Meares

Time: 10.30 – 12, Sunday 11 February Location: Waiau. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $10 per family, plus $5 pp for materials, tbc.

For fabulous outdoor fun at parties or whenever, making magical bubbles together brings everyone out to play - kids and adults alike. Belinda will show you how easy it is to make your own pair of wands, then we’ll create wondrous rainbow-hued bubbles and send them forth!


Tech Labs – Manage Your Email Account(s) Hurunui Youth Programme tutors

6.30 – 8pm, Mon 19 Feb. Amberley library, Mon 26 Feb Hanmer Springs library, & Mon 12 March. Culverden library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

Frustrated by unruly email? Want to streamline and organise your inbox? This tutorial will cover: sorting and filing messages in folders; useful features and settings; setting up a new account and importing/exporting mail from one account to another; managing multiple accounts with a desktop program (eg Outlook or Thunderbird) rather than your webmail; group email broadcasts, junk mail, etc. All your questions (or most!) answered.


Eco-friendly Alternatives for Garden Lawns: Penny Cairns

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Tues 20 February. Venue: Amberley library Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

Step back from convention, and consider that turf lawns can be replaced by more eco-friendly options, such as herb and moss carpets, flower or vegie beds interspersed with paving, Japanese-style gardens using sand and small stones. if you do want grass, how about mowing it less short to avoid evaporation? Come hear Penny’s advice, and share your own experiences.


Bike Maintenance & Cyclist Self-care: Hurunui Trails Trust

Time: 9.30am – 11am, Sat. 24 Feb,.followed by a ride along the HTT’s vineyard trail. Location: Glenmark: Contribution: 1.5 Time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee.

This talk and demo by cycle technician Scott Millar will cover pre-ride checks, basic bike maintenance and repair, and what should be in a cyclist’s tool kit. If you’re not into DIY, what should your service shop cover? Bruce Baxter will provide advice on biking safely, and avoiding or managing strain and injury. He’ll also talk about the trust’s exciting plans to further develop biking/walking tracks in the area. Then for those who’d like to, we’ll hop on our bikes!


Let’s Play Ukelele! Join Wim Bevers and friends for a joyful musical afternoon

Time: 2 – 3.30pm, Sunday 25 February. Venue: Cheviot. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits $12 suggested fee. HYP members can use HYP credits. BYO uke or there will be ukes to borrow.

For beginners or if you want a refresher, Wim will teach simple chords to accompany songs and help you get a feel for the instrument. Wim is a singer and plays uke for the Balcairn Pops band. Following his class last term, a uke group in Amberley has formed. If you’d like to be part of an ongoing Cheviot group, come along, get inspired and get together!



Beachside Foraging: Natalie Absalom

Time: 1pm3.30pm, Sunday 4th March, Venue: Motunau. Contribution: 2.5 time-bank credits or $20 suggested fee.

Natalie and her family are keen foragers, and live well from nature's free bounty. Motunau Beach is one of their favourite locations, where they gather mussels, winkles, pipis and edible seaweeds and plants. We'll walk along the shore and delve among the rocks to gather our harvest. Natalie will also tell us how to verify species, provide tips about local foraging sites, and tell us more about the foraging movement and the philosophy that inspires it.


125 Years Ago NZ Women Won the Vote: What Happened Next? Margaret Lovell-Smith, (guest presenter)

Time: Thurs 8 March, 7 – 8.30pm. Venue: Amberley library. Contribution: 1.5 Time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

The women who led the campaign for voting rights in 1893 saw this as just the first step in the journey towards full equality for women. Winning the vote gave them confidence to work to achieve other reforms. But what happened to these early idealists and how successful were they? Why did the ‘first wave’ of feminism fade and it take so long for a woman to enter parliament? Are certain aspirations of our 19th century suffragists unfulfilled even today?

Limestone carving: Nev Sinclair

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm, Sat 10 March. Location: Scargill. Contribution: 3 time-bank credits or $25 suggested fee, plus materials cost tbc. Numbers limited, book early.

Join artist and sculptor Nev Sinclair to discover the delights of creating 3-D art from our local limestone. Nev will show us how to carve a simple figure, or other concept of your choice. He’ll discuss transferring a 2-D design into the round, then show us how to cut the stone, and shape it in incremental steps. BYO tools – a small wood chisel, hammer or mallet, and file. Bring paper for sketching out initial design ideas.





Life with Dementia in the Hurunui: Vicki Lucas (guest presenter)

Time: 10am - 11.30am, Tues 13 March Location: Amberley library. Contribution: 1.5 Time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

Learn about diagnosis, coping strategies, and positive activities that can slow down symptoms. Find out what services are available including the wonderful Homeshare initiative running in Hawarden, which may extend to other parts of the district, if volunteers and funding are available. Vicki is the community services manager for Enliven, (Presbyterian Support).


Book Clubs – how to join or start one: Catherine Clarke

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Wed. 14 March. Venue: Cheviot library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

If you enjoy reading, sharing ideas and getting together with friends, then a Book Club may be for you! There are different kinds of reading groups, and various ways they operate. One is the Book Discussion Scheme (BDS), which provides book sets to subscribing groups. Other groups use their own books, or the e-reader approach. If you’d like to join or start a group in Cheviot, come to this informative and social evening. Regular Book Clubbers also welcome!


Use it or Lose It - Exercise for Elders: Stephanie McMillan

Time: 1.30 – 2.30pm, Thurs 22 March Location: Amberley. Contribution: 1.5 Time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee.

Stephanie is an exercise coach and Pilates tutor who loves helping elderly people stay mobile and healthy with gentle workouts, that they can do either standing or sitting. This will be an introductory session, and you will get some individual attention. We can arrange for pick ups if you don’t drive.


Sausage-making talk and demonstration: Peter Verkerk (guest tutor)

Time: 10am -12, Sat 7 April. Location: Ohoka. Contribution: 2 Time-bank credits or $17 suggested fee, plus ingredients cost tbc (between $7 - $10).

Peter’s Dutch heritage and experience in the sausage business will inform his talk about the history of sausages, then he’ll make a batch by hand while explaining the basics of meat/fat ratios, spices and herbs for flavours, and other ingredients and their functions. He’ll also demonstrate good binding and texture so that sausages perform well in the pan or on the BBQ, then we’ll sample! (Peter’s sausages will be preservative- and gluten-free).

Reading Aloud to Kids: Beneficial & Fun! Lennie Harrison

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Tues 10 April. Location: Culverden. Contribution: 1.5 Time-bank credits or $10 suggested fee.

Want to help your child’s learning? Give screens a break? Reading aloud to them will help them develop speech, language, curiosity, comprehension and imagination. It improves attention span and listening skills and provides precious bonding time. Indeed, reading aloud to one another is wonderful at any age! We’ll discuss all these benefits and you may also like to practice your story-reading skills. Lennie is an experienced home-school teacher.


Make sure you check our website and Facebook pages (TimeBank Hurunui and Time-bank Hurunui) for updates. Do contact the coordinator if you have a learning opportunity idea that you’d like in your area. Also, it’s great when classes lead to ongoing exchanges and groups being formed, and the TimeBank Hurunui Learning Exchange can help facilitate this.


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