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TimeBank Hurunui

Learning Exchange Programme



TERM September - November 2017


Also do tell us if you'd like us to run any event at an alternative time/location



Fermenting Good Food: Brona Youngman

Time: 2 - 4pm, Sat. 2 September Venue: Culverden. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee, plus ingredients cost tbc.

Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and coconut yoghurt are staples for Brona, who hails from the Czech Republic where fermenting foods is a tradition. She'd love to show you how easy it is to make these delicious, health-giving foods for you and your family, and also sourdough bread.


Eco Building - Strawbale House & Rock Garden: Andrew Boyd & Jude Hamer

Time: 1.30 - 3pm, Sunday 3 September. Venue: Balcairn. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee.

Andrew and Jude live on their lifestyle property in a large house built using the post-and-beam strawbale method. It functions eco-efficiently and is easy to maintain. Andrew will explain about strawbale construction, and why it is a popular alternative building method. We'll also look at the extensive rock garden h's created as an attractive feature to cover the open swales and drainage system around the house.


Create a Collage Journey: Jen Le Pine

Time: 1 – 4pm, Wed. 11 October. Location: Cheviot. Contribution: 3 time-bank credits or $10 suggested fee. This class is for children Year 5 and up.

Create a stencil-style collage using images and texts from magazines, and patterned paper (eg wallpaper). There’ll be lots of fun cutting out and glueing, so bring good scissors, and magazines and paper if poss. (Some materials will be provided). Jen is a former primary teacher who loves inspiring children’s artistic imaginations.


Living with Autism: Robyn Young (guest presenter)

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Tues. 17 October Venue: Amberley school. Contribution: Donations towards Autism NZ’s support and advocacy work appreciated.

Robyn is South Island educator for Autism NZ, the national support body for people on the autism spectrum and their families, teachers, employers and communities. Robyn will talk about progress in early diagnosis and intervention of children with autism, and how living with autism can be managed with training for caregivers and greater awareness throughout the community.


Paper-crafting for Christmas: Gail Morgan

Time: 6.30 – 8.30 pm, Thurs. 9 November. Location: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $10 suggested fee, plus $5 for materials.(Suitable for ages 10 years and over. BYO scissors and glue guns if you have them).

Christmas can be about creating as well as buying! Craft artist Gail has great designs for colourful and gorgeous handmade Christmas decorations, such as bells, stars and wreaths. In this fun class, she’ll guide us in using coloured paper and some recycled paper to make our own decorations. The art of creating paper objects is an old tradition, and Gail loves giving it a contemporary flair. She is committed to ‘repurposing’ and ‘upcycling’ all kinds of things, including furniture.


Talk about Yurts: John Grater

Time: 10am – 12pm, Sat. 11 November.  Location: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee.

Yurts are elegant and sturdy round structures traditionally built in Mongolia. They are now popular worldwide, and come in many designs, sizes and materials. The yurt’s advantages are its light environmental footprint, relative affordability and ease of construction. Because of its circular shape, the yurt is often used for ceremonial purposes. Its longevity does depend on materials used. John is knowledgeable about yurts and has experience installing them.


The Great Christmas Cookie Bake

Time: 12.30 – 4pm, Thurs. 30 November. Location: Balcairn. Contribution: 3.5 time-bank credits or $17 suggested fee. BYO ingredients. Bookings by Fri 24th essential. Places limited.

Take inspiration from Christmas traditions around the world and join us to bake different batches of cookies and other treats to sample and take home for test-tasting with friends and family. Please bring your favourite recipes to share – and thanks to our host Lyndal, there will be others you can try if you haven’t a favourite yet.


There may be other Learning Exchange events in Term 4, so make sure you check our website and Facebook pages for updates. Do contact the coordinator if you have a learning opportunity idea that you’d like in your area. Also, it’s great when classes lead to ongoing exchanges and groups being formed, and the TimeBank Hurunui Learning Exchange can help facilitate this.


To register, Contact:

Stay tuned regularly for more Learning Exchange events, and updates to the schedule.