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TimeBank Hurunui

Learning Exchange Programme



April - July 2017


Also do tell us if you'd like us to run any event at an alternative time/location


Collage Art for Kids: Jen Le Pine

Time: 1 – 4pm, Wed 19 April. Venue: Cheviot. Contribution: 3 time-bank credits or$10 suggested fee, plus $5 materials cost. This class is for 8 – 12 year olds.

Make a collage on the ANZAC theme, using materials such as pastels, crepe paper, glue and images from magazines and newspapers. Bring along copies of family photos of service men

and women, and of other wartime memorabilia, (eg, copy of a letter home). Jen is a former primary teacher who loves inspiring children to be creative with their art.


Natural Home-made Beauty and Cleaning Products: Manuela Iddas  

Time: 7 – 9pm, Thurs 27 April Venue: Balcairn. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or$15 suggested fee, plus ingredients cost $5.

Learn how to make products for cleansing and nourishing our bodies and homes, from simple non-toxic ingredients found in pantries and gardens. Examples are moisturisers, toothpaste, creams, exfoliants and household cleaning products, using vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, coconut oil and essential oils. Manuela will demonstrate and share her recipes to take hometo try, and we’ll get to sample her concoctions.

Canterbury's Geology and Seismology: Dr Kate Pedley (guest presenter)

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Sat 29 April. Venue: Hanmer Springs School, (Kereru Room). Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

Kate is a senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury's Department of Geological Sciences. She’ll describe how plate tectonics have shaped New Zealand, from its origins till the present, and the resulting specific geology of our region. On the subject of earthquakes, Kate will talk about the fascinating work of her team in mapping and characterising faults in the Waiau/Hanmer region, and about preliminary findings of this ongoing research.


Amberley Art Club, Open Day

Times: Monday 1 May, 2 – 5pm. Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 3 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

The Amberley Art Club is a group of people who love to make art of various kinds. They meet weekly, in the afternoon or evening, for a social time working together and offering mutual support. Facilitator Mike Gilbert is keen to provide encouragement and inspiration to anyone who'd like to come along, and so the club is opening its sessions on 1st May for newcomers. BYO materials. (Mike can provide advice).


Tech Labs - Managing Your Photos: Hurunui Youth Council tutors

Times: 6.15pm – 7.45pm, Thurs 11 May, Amberley library, or 4.30 – 6pm Thurs 18 May,Cheviot library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated. (BYO devices if poss)

Organise your digital photos on your phone, tablet or computer . Learn how to do imports from camera, simple editing, (eg. cropping, resizing, enhancing) and storing your images in folders, and how to upload them into documents, attach to emails or post on Facebook. All (or most!) of your questions answered.


Leithfield History Walk: Ange Wyllie

Time: 1pm till 4pm-ish, Sunday 14 May. Venue: Leithfield. Contribution: 3 time-bank credits or $15 suggested fee.

Leithfield dates back to the 1850s. Visit three historic homes in Leithfield village and be hosted for tours by their present owners. They will show you original features and treasures at their properties and tell you about their past functions, and occupants. There’ll also be a collectionof historic memorabilia to view, and we’ll finish our jaunt at the Leithfield hotel, site of the Cobb & Co stage coach stopover, where there’ll be more history to soak up and stories to tell.


Sushi-making: Yoshimi Donnelly

Time: 7 – 9pm, Tues 16 May. Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee, plus $6 for ingredients

Yoshimi is the former owner of Sushi Maru in Amberley. She’ll explain how sushi is made in Japan, then we’ll make our own! We’ll learn how to cook sushi rice, assemble and roll sushi and arrange a platter. We’ll make four kinds of sushi using various ingredients. Sushi is a great finger food for social occasions and school lunches, and can also be a tasty gluten-free option.


Fun Improvisation Drama for Teens: Belinda Meares 

Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm, Wed 17 May. Culverden. 2 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.


Crochet is Trending! - Sue Atkinson

Time: 1.30 – 3.30pm, Sunday 21 May. Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or$12 suggested fee plus materials cost of $5 (or $12 if you need a crochet hook).

Discover contemporary crochet – its versatility and fresh, exciting designs for all ages.Could this be the craft for you? Sue will teach you basic stitches, how to follow simplepatterns, and show you samples of clothing crochet and filet (lace) crochet. Sue’s skills also include sewing, quilting and knitting, and she loves getting together with other crafters.


Farmacology - Soil Health and Human Health: John King (guest presenter)

Time: 7.30 – 9pm, Tues 23 May. Venue: Amberley library. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

Fresh insights into “food as medicine” are coming from alternative family-farming businesses as everyday people and health professionals question what health is. “Farmacology” is avideo based on the ground-breaking book by Dr Daphne Miller, which we will view and discuss. John is an agribusiness tutor and advocate of regenerative and holistic farming.


Worm-farming, Bokashi Composting and Rope-making: Lesley Ottey

Time: 1.30 - 3pm, Sat 27 May. Venue: Cheviot School. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated.

Cheviot School has a thriving vegie garden, maintained by its pupils and local volunteers.Lesley is past coordinator of the Kaiapoi Community Garden. As founder of Eco Educate NZ she loves to share her “rethink waste”

practical tips and philosophy. She’ll show us the basics of worm farming and composting using the bokashi fermentation method, and demonstrate how to make rope out of cabbage-tree leaves!


Macrame Jewellery: Tamar Guse

Time: 9.30 - 12pm, Wed 7 June. Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 2.5 time-bank credits or $15 suggested fee, plus $5 for materials.

Macrame is the art of knot-tying, to create beautiful useful and decorative articles, such as wall hangings, jewellery, bags and clothing. Following on from her class last term, this time Tamar will focus on ornamental macarame, such as jewellery using a variety of knots and beads. Tamar is a talented young artist who has sold her macrame in markets in Israel.


Tech Labs - Getting Started on Facebook: Hurunui Youth Council tutors

Times: 6.15 – 7.45pm, Thurs 8 June, Amberley library, or 4.30 – 6pm Thurs 22 June, Cheviotlibrary. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or donation appreciated. (BYO devices if poss).

Learn how to set up your page on Facebook and find your way around privacy settings. Find out about the many facets of Facebook, including the uses and protocols of group pages for keeping in touch with your communities of interest. We’ll look at some useful local pages.


Fermenting Good Food: Brona Youngman

Time: 2 – 4pm, Sat 10 June. Venue: Culverden. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee, plus ingredients cost tbc

Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and coconut yoghurt are staples for Brona, who hails from the Czech Republic where fermenting foods is a tradition. She’d love to show you how easy it is to make these delicious,

health-giving foods for you and your family.


Bee-keeping and Bee Health: Lindsay Moir

Time: 7 – 8.30pm, Monday 12 June. Venue: Culverden. Contribution: 1.5 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee.

This talk is for everyone interested in bees, and that’s a growing number of us! Bees fuel NZ’s honey industry, and play an essential role in our food production. There is concern globally about threats to bees’ survival. Lindsay teaches beekeeping and runs courses on bee diseases for APINZ (the National Beekeeping Association). He will discuss why bee health has become compromised, and what may be solutions. He’ll also offer practical advice about beekeeping.


Jean Batten – Her Flights and Times: Brian Lockstone

Time: 7 – 8 pm, Thurs 15 June. Venue: Amberley library. Contribution: 1 time-bank credit or donation appreciated.

Famous during the 1930s for her solo aviation exploits around the world, New Zealander Jean Batten was an enigmatic celebrity who became known as “the Garbo of the Skies”. She led a reclusive life after her flying days were over. This talk will explore the substance behind her legend. Brian is a historian and writer who is president of the Aviation Historical Society of NZ and editor of its journal.

Family Stories - Find the Gems in your Genealogy: Anna Anderson

Time: 7 – 9pm, Saturday 17 June. Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee.

Anna is a writer and blogger. Her first novel is based on a colourful forefather whose deeds she discovered while exploring her genealogy. She’ll talk about her process and the rewards of exploring and crafting the stories from our personal whakapapa – we all have ancestors and knowing their past makes history come alive and our families more interesting.


Soap-making: Jesus Latorre

Time: 2 – 4 pm, Saturday 1 July. Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12, suggested fee plus small materials cost tbc

Jesus makes artisan soap in the Spanish tradition, by reusing olive oil left over from cooking. You can use other oils. In this fun class, he’ll demonstrate the process and discuss recipe variations, and we’ll all have soap to

take home for use in the bathroom or laundry.


Electric Bikes – what’s the Buzz? Nigel Marx

Time: 1 – 3pm, Sat 8 July. Venue: Amberley. Contribution: 2 time-bank credits or $12 suggested fee. BYO helmet if you have one.

Nigel knows heaps about things electrical and mechanical. He’s offering a chance to test-ride a variety of electric bicycles, including hub drive, mid-drive, and clip-on kit motors on standard bikes. Some will even be

folding bicycles. He’ll discuss battery types, speed-control systems, and what’s legal in NZ. He can also show you an electric outboard motor and chainsaw.


Clay Modelling for Kids: Kerry Henderson. Mon 10 July, Leithfield. More info to come!


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