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TimeBank Hurunui

Apply for membership in TimeBank Hurunui

Become a TimeBank Hurunui Member


Getting Started Becoming a time-bank member is a simple, two-step process. You first make an application and then attend an orientation to learn more about time banking and how to start trading.


Go to the TimeBank Hurunui website to make your application online ( When you sign up to join online, please also provide a contact phone number.

OR Contact the TimeBank Hurunui coordinators by emailing:, or phoning one of our coordinators on:

Natalie: 027 534 7332

Heather: 021 076 1371


Meet with a TimeBank coordinator at a location and time convenient to you both. The coordinator will take about an hour to explain the processes and procedures of time banking, and demonstrate how to use the TimeBank Hurunui website. If you don’t use a computer, you can still become a member.

As well as a membership form, you will need to fill in a criminal-record check form and provide the names of two non-related character referees. (If you want to offer care for children or vulnerable people, such as the elderly, make sure one of your referees can recommend you for this).

The coordinator will guide you on how to complete your online account. This involves writing your profile, recording your “Timebanker's Talents”, and posting any offers or requests you may want to record. (You can update these afterwards at any time).

You are eligible for one time credit for attending orientation. The coordinator will help you do this online so you know how to record an exchange.


The coordinator will notify you once your new member account is activated. If your criminal-record check returns with a conviction disclosed, this information will be treated in the strictest confidence and does not necessarily preclude you from becoming a member of TimeBank Hurunui.

You are now all set to start trading! The coordinators can help any time you need guidance with the website.